Costco prides itself on being a one stop shopping store; this has endeared its optical centers to thousands of vision challenged shoppers. Costco Eye Exam Price starts at $60 where Costco eye doctor will perform a vision and eye health exam. If it turns out that you need glasses you will be able to pick up your Costco glasses in less then a week. The initial Costco eye exam cost will only cover the actual exam itself. If you need something extra done such as dilation during the exam it might cost extra. Below you will find all Costco Eye Exam Prices.

Below you will find Costco Eye Exam Prices

Exam TypePrice
Glasses Only$60.00
Contacts Only$89.00
Glasses and Contacts$89.00



Ready for your Costco Eye Exam?

Ready to get your Costco Eye exam ? You are in luck because we have all the information. If you are looking to have your next Eye Exam done at Costco we recommend that you schedule an appointment by calling your local Costco store. By scheduling an appointment you are guaranteed to get your eye exam done on time and with a minimal wait time. If you are feeling lucky you can always visit your local Costco store for a walk in eye exam but just know that clients with appointments will get priority and you may end up waiting for a long time. In some rare cases you may have to come another day if Costco vision center is too busy to take you in. This is why we urge everyone to schedule an appointment which can be done with ease by visiting by CLICKING HERE and enter your zip code and select the Costco Optical near . Alternatively you could always give them a call and schedule an appointment that way.