Getting a routine eye examination done is an important part of your overall health and physical wellness. Many people tend to think that an eye exam is only necessary when your prescription is rapidly changing, however, that is not the case. Getting an annual eye exam is very vital even if your prescription has been stable. In this article, you will learn 3 reasons why an annual eye exam is important.

  1. An eye examination is not always about the prescription. Most qualified and professional eye doctors will not only have an eye exam to check for vision changes; they will, however, perform a comprehensive check-up to check your eyes for a variety of common eye related diseases and disorders. Your eyes are great indicators of your overall wellness and health, and by performing this check, your eye doctor is able to determine a lot about your health.
  2. An annual eye exam is very important because a lot of people cannot tell when their prescription has changed. Unless your vision is degenerating at a very high rate, it’s almost impossible to tell if you need a new prescription, this is because as your vision changes you will naturally start to adapt to the way things look around you, making it totally difficult to note the changes. Since this process happens gradually, you might not be able to realize how unclear your vision is until you have your eye checked out.
  3. Getting an eye exam will give you the chance to talk to an eye expert. Eye doctors are experts in vision and have an archive of information on everything from maintaining your eyes through a healthy lifestyle to recommending vision supplements to enhance your overall vision. Getting an annual check-up will offer you the chance to learn more about your vision and how to keep your eye healthy.

Eye exams are normally covered by insurance or a health plan, they are quick and painless, and at the same time will offer you a lot of insight about your overall health.