Just like Costco glasses from Costco Optical, Costco Contact lenses prices will vary depending on the type of lenses that will be prescribed during the eye examination. Therefore depending on the contact lenses, you might require adding an additional fee to the cost of contact lenses. Below you will find some Costco contact lenses prices estimates so you can know what to expect when you visit your local Costco vision center.

Below you will find Costco Contact Lenses Price Estimates

Contact TypeStarting Price Per Box
Daily Wear$13.84
Weekly Wear$19.87
Monthly Wear$28.85
Toric Lenses$24.95
Bifocal Lenses$25.88
Multifocal Lenses$29.98
Colored Lenses$9.99

Ready to Buy Costco Contact Lenses?

Ready to get your contact lenses at Costco? You are in luck because we have all the information. If you already have contact lenses and you are looking to buy your next contact lenses from Costco you can simply visit your local Costco store and purchase them at their Vision center. If you are visiting them for the first time you will need to bring your prescription in order to make a purchase. If you don’t have contact lenses but think you may need them, you will need a Costco Eye Exam to determine if you need to wear glasses or contact lenses.  Click HERE to find a Costco store near you.