There comes a time in your life when you need to stretch out your arms to be able to read well. At this particular point, you need to consider single vision reading glasses. You need to know that reading glasses normally come in two main styles; full frames that the entire lens is usually made in the reading prescription, and the half-eye, these are the type of glasses that will normally sit lower down on the nose.

Full reading glasses are usually best for people who spend a lot of time concentrating on material close-up. In case you try to look up across the room through your reading glasses you will notice that everything will look blurry.

In contrast, the half eye style of glasses will normally allow you to be able to look down and also through the lenses for near work, and also up and over them in order to see from a distance. Generally, these type of glasses is suitable for people who have never needed glasses and will they will start out as a pair of reading glasses rather than bifocal that are normally a better choice if you have a need for distance as well as correction.

There are handy accessories that you can be able to use in the evening or in a dimly lit restaurant that includes tiny foldable readers that are able to fit in a pen sized cases and a pair of magnifiers that can be hanged around your neck just like a chain or pendant.

You might also have noticed plastic lenses that are normally mounted on a credit card sized card holders that can fit into a wallet, they might be horrible for reading a book but might come in handy in times of desperation when you want to choose something off the menu. You will also be able to find tinted reading glasses that have UV correction that will help you while during outdoor activities.

If you feel you need to get a pair of reading glasses, it is always advisable to get an eye exam from a qualified and professional eye doctor.