Everyone knows Lenscrafters carries high quality eyeglasses and sunglasses in their stores but many people are surprised to find that Lenscrafters offers high quality eye exams as well.  If you are looking for a good place to have your eyes examined then you should definitely consider LensCrafters eye exam service. LensCrafters eye exams are fast, affordable, and convenient ; no appointment is necessary and walk ins are accepted every day.  If you are worried about LensCrafters eye exam cost, dont be, their eye exam prices are very competitive. The basic lenscrafters eye exam price starts at $59.99 and an additional fee of $34.99 is added if you need a comprehensive eye exam.

Below you will find Lenscrafters Eye Exam Prices

Exam TypePrice
Basic Exam$59.99
Glasses Only$74.99
Contacts Only$84.99
Comprehensive Exam$94.99

lenscrafters eye exam

Above Lenscrafters Eye Exam prices are for those patients that do not have vision insurance. If you have vision insurance your Lenscrafters eye exam cost could be $0 depending on your insurance provider and your plan. We always recommend you call your local Lenscrafters location to find the latest eye exam prices.

Ready for your Lenscrafters Eye Exam ?

Lenscrafters eye exams are very fast and convenient and the company tries their best to make your eye exam experience great. Although no appointment is necessary , we highly recommend you schedule an appointment in advance in order to minimize wait time. Lenscrafters eye exam can be scheduled online or by phone. Click HERE to schedule your Lenscrafters Eye Exam.