The Procedure you will use to get your Sam’s Club eyeglasses is the same procedure you will use to get your Sam’s Club contact lenses, as much as the prices will vary depending on the prescription by the eye doctor the process is still the same. Below you will find a list of Sam’s Club contact lenses price estimates that you can expect when you visit a Sam’s Club Vision center.

Below you will find Sam’s Club Contact Price Estimates

Contact TypeStarting Price Per Box
Daily Wear$16.88
Weekly Wear$13.88
Monthly Wear$22.88
Toric Lenses$24.88
Bifocal Lenses$15.88
Multifocal Lenses$31.88
Colored Lenses$35.88

Ready to Visit a Sam’s Club Optical Center?

If you are planning on visiting a Sam’s Club vision center for Sam’s Club Optical Exam or buy contact lenses or glasses then you are in luck because we have all the information you need. In case you are looking to get a pair of contact lenses or glasses, all you will need to do is visit your nearest local Sam’s Club vision center at any store. In case this will be your first visit, you will need to tag along with a prescription in order to make the purchase. If you are going to get an eye exam from the Sam’s Club vision center, it’s very simple, you will need to call the Sam’s Club eye doctor to schedule an appointment, this is a, much easier method of getting your exam done faster, since visiting the eye center without an appointment might subject you to long queues while the doctor handles other appointments. To schedule an appointment all you need to do us visit their website by CLICKING HERE and entering your zip code and selecting your nearest Sam’s Club Optical center.